Tender Jack fruit curry( Polos Ambula)

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Tender Jack fruit curry( Polos Ambula)

Jack fruit has always been one of the most prominent food that has ever been served in any Sri Lankan household. In the same manner tender Jack fruit curry has tempted the taste buds of many locals and foreigners who try the Sri Lankan cuisine.

So, here is a peek at how to make a tasty polos ambula.

 First of all clean and cut the Jack fruit.Then pressure cooker it with the adequate amount of salt till two whistles are blown. Prepare and set aside some freshly scraped coconut roasted with cumin and fennel seeds.Then make a thick paste of boiled goraka and set aside.In the same way grind some ginger, garlic and pepper into a fine paste. Take a pan and add some oil and let it heat, then add sliced onion, curry leaves, green chillies and the ginger paste. Add some turmeric as well. Add the Jack Fruit along with the goraka paste. Let it cook for five minutes. Lastly, add the roasted coconut mixture and stir it well till ready. 

Now your polos ambula is ready to be served with some yellow or white rice.