marble beach (China Bay)

marble beach (China Bay)

Nearly 18km apart from the main town of Trincomalee, the beach is located. For more describing, the marble beach is positioned near the Kinniya Bridge, which is the longest bridge in the island and in the Koddiyar (fort by the river) bay, where the world famous natural harbour joins.

Mostly the beach is calm. When the sun rays reflect on the surface, the beach really resembles the name “Marble”. The surrounding is very rich in flora. Marble beach is maintained very well by the Sri Lankan Air force. They banned use of polythene and any destructive activities to the natural environment. Because of this eco friendly concept, the marble beach is considered as very clean when compare to the rest. For some decades the beach and the surroundings considered as a high security zone and played a major role during the war times. At present restrictions loosed and allow the public to visit the beach. But only a apart is accessible by the public. The rest area, which is under the control of Sri Lankan air force, is maintained with resorts.

Marble beach is enough good for swimming, boat riding, water sports, nature admiring, photography and many more. Can visit any time but during year end, beach is much busy with tourists. Diamond hill and a little forest nearby are adding more value to the beach. The unique species of flora and fauna are available in the forest. If anyone likes to admire the beauty of nature for more, just hike on the Diamond hill. The beach and the surroundings are specially designed for nature lovers.

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