Mount Laviniya Beach

Mount Laviniya Beach

each Mount-Laviniya is located throughout the length of the Southern coastal belt and 10km apart from capital city of the Island, Colombo. The scenic view of sunset is adorable as like in many beaches. The period November to March is more favourable for beach swimmers and advisable to avoid swimming when the sea is rough. Kite boarding or kite surfing, which can be described as sport activity of riding on a surfboard while being holding a large kite is famous on this beach. National kite festival also conducted on this beach every year, mostly on November. The beach gives a warm vibrant on nights.

There are some different legendary notes behind the name of “Mount Laviniya”. But one of them coincides with the location of the beach. The Sinhalese who lived around called the place as, “Lihiniyagala” which means hill of the sea gull. Many small shops that sell swimsuits, kite, Island famous savoury manioc chips and sour mango chips are available around the beach. There are many world class and ordinary hotels and resorts available around the beach to taste the sea food. Mount Laviniya beach is more favourable holiday spot for a memorable Christmas night. Late British Governor’s home which was built as a monument for his girl appear in the Mount Laviniya Hotel. Being careless and alone along the shore is somewhat danger in this beach. Mount Laviniya beach serves everyone those who visit, to relax well.

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