Iranamadu Tank in Killinochi

Iranamadu Tank in Killinochi

Iranamadu Tank is located in Northern Province, Sri Lanka. Iranamadu tank is one of the man made largest reservoirs of Sri Lanka. Iranamadu village and tank is belonging to Killinochi District. Iranamadu tank has been a traditional fishing ground for generations. It is located 8km from the city of Kilinochi. Water reservoir capacity is 131.4mcm. Sri Lanka is a popular tourist country, Iranamadu tank is a place to be visited on your way to Jaffna peninsula. Killinochi district people are facilitated with irrigation services, fishing industry and sanitation services. This is one of the deepest tank in Sri Lanka.

King dhatusena build Iranamadu tank. He made 5 another reservoirs in Sri Lanka. In 1920 the tank was repaired and reconstructed. People in Killinochi mostly do farming so they are very useful by Iranamadu tank. Paddy is the main cultivation in Kilinochi District. Iranamadu Irrigation Development Project is a basic part of the arrangement to Jaffna for the passing of water on the one hand and the treatment of the downstream canal system as ordered by the target group population on the other. The choice of the project area is determined by the nature of the Project and it includes Iranamadu irrigation scheme. The tank now allowed for fishing and a project is proposed to extract drinking water from the tank.

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