Jetavanaramaya Stupa

Jetavanaramaya Stupa

Anuradhapura was the first religious and cultural capital of the Sinhalese. Jetavanaramaya Stupa is the most pleasant and fantastic place in Anuradhapura. King Mahasen has the honour of being the creator of the biggest stupa in Sri Lanka. A part of a belt tied by the Lord Buddha is believed to be the relic that is protected here. At a height of over 120 m, it is one of the tallest stupa in the world. Largest brick building ever built and 3rd largest structure in the prehistoric world. Roughly 93,300,000 baked bricks were used to build the stupa. One side of the stupa is 176 m lengthy and the flight of steps at every four sides of it are 8.5 m wide. The doorpost to the shrine which is situated in the courtyard is 8.2 m high. The stupa has a 6 m deep basement and sits on bedrock. Stone inscriptions in the courtyard give the names of people who contributed to the building effort. It was completed during the region of king Mahasena son Maghavanna I.

Jetavanaramaya Stupa technologies are amazing. The gaps between bricks were filled with earth. The perfect elliptic shape of the building build it possible to construct such a big structure. Crack in the basement were touchup with stones. The bricks used in this dagoba show the significant level of Sri Lankan architecture achievements. After the end of the construction the building was covered with lime plaster. The roof from the water, plant intrusions and insects are protected by plaster. Now after another reconstruction the dagoba not covered with the plaster now, which makes it very different from the others. Sacred city of Anuradhapura with Jetavanaramaya Stupa is a historical monument listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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