Keerimalai ( Naguleswaram )

Keerimalai ( Naguleswaram )

Keerimalai ( Naguleswaram ) pond keni

The ancient temple of naguleswaram in the north of the island has a distance past from pre historic times. The original high goupuram and structures are no more but a temple stands closest to the historical site carry about the name “Naguleswaram”. It is a famous Hindu temple in Keerimalai. It is situated north of Jaffna, Northern Province, Sri Lanka. It is near the ancient port of Kankesanthurai. “Keeri” in Tamil and “Nagula” in Sanskrit mean animal Mongoose, and also “malai” in tamil mean hill. So Keerimalai in Tamil means Mongoose Hill. The legend says Nagula Muni, shrunk by age and while meditating at a cave in Keerimalai was compared to mongoose. He bathed in the springs and his mongoose face was cured. In thankfulness of change, Nagula Muni constructed a small shrine and worshipped the Lingam enshrined there.

The famous theertham, keerimalai thank and the Maviddapuram temple adjoining the present “Naguleswaram” are famous place by the hindu devotees for pilgrimage. Sri Lanka was blessed with five of the most ancient shrines of Lord Shiva. Four of the temples namely Thirukoneswaram in Trincomalee, Munneswaram in Chilaw, Thiruketheeswaram in Mannar, and Naguleswaram in Kankesanthurai are functioning even today. Two of the Iswarams have been celebrated in Thevarams by the Saiva Saints. The origins of these ancient temples are covered in legends.

At Keerimalai the spring water floor is of great value. Bathing in its waters imparts healing medicinal benefits to the human body. The fresh water comes from an underground spring source. Keerimalai is a place of worship by both Buddhists and Hindus and thousands of devotees gather here to have their baths to cured of their sickness.

The sacred mineral water springs of Keerimalai and the worship place Naguleswaram are ancient. The festival of "Aadi Amaavaasai” which is carefully observed by Hindus every year during the Tamil month of “Aadi”. Naguleswaram temple at Keerimalai, is one of the oldest Shivan temples in Sri Lanka. Keerimalai” is mainly well known for this festival. Definitely,. . Naguleswaram is a miracle place with healing water spring. As a centre of the Hindu Religious traditions it has played a key role in the improvement and practice of Saivism with a local flavour in Jaffna peninsula. No one leaves Naguleswaram without a gain in faith. Thousands of devotees who came to pray and receive blessings. One cannot come to Jaffna without visiting Naguleswaram.

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