Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli Beach

Blue and white combination rocks..!!! Those who visit the Nilaveli Beach, Trincomalee will definitely understand what is meant above. The beach is positioned nearly 18km from the main town, Trincomalee. Along the eastern coast belt of the island, the view of Nilaveli beach is astonishing. The Tamil word “Nilaveli”(epyhntsp) resembles the scenic view of the beach.

Other than the fine white sand and clear blue water, the natural vegetation attracts everyone. Beaches are always the first in vacation plan and here, the Nilaveli beach sounds good for it. The palm trees and many more shady trees provide regular comfort to sit and relax on fine white sand.

Apart from many regular beaches, Nilaveli consist historically valued sites such as Pigeon Island and coral Island around it. The Pigeon Island which provides accommodation to pigeons and got the name as a result provides a good sanctuary view after a boat riding from Nilaveli shore. To enjoy the rich flora and fauna of the Islands just climb up on the coral rocks. During summer season from April to October Nilaveli beach is fabulous place for underwater diving, boat riding and many more water sports.

Nilaveli beach is not just one of the best vacation spot in Sri Lanka it’s safer one also. Navy lifeguards do their duty well in and around the beach. Tsunami and war attacks are the main draw backs of beach tourism in Sri Lanka for some years. But now with trending facilities a good emerge can be seen.

A numerous number of hotels are available around Nilaveli beach. Nilaveli beach is a good sightseeing place for vacation and can feel some “Arabic” surrounding.

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2019 October 21

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