Galle face green

Galle face green

Galle face

The Galle Face Green today stands as a symbol of leisure. It is situated in Colombo District Sri Lanka. In 1859 Galle Face is laid out by the British governor Sir Henry George Ward. Galle Face Green is a park separating the excited life of Colombo and the Indian Ocean. The Galle Face green is the city’s largest open space and a popular spot during sunset. When hundreds of children in a day come to fly kites, eat ice cream, play cricket and spend their valuable time. The Galle face green was also used for host games of golf and horse racing 100 years ago.

Along the sea is a string of shops, each offering Sri Lankan variety of street food from crab and prawn vadais, sea foods are very famous among Sri Lankan people and foreigners too. People packaged food items and different varieties of spicy fruit pickle to delicious dishes. In addition, there are sellers who sell kites, balloons, toys and other items for children.

The park is most popular among tourists, teenagers and school kids for relaxing mind. When walked along the sea one evening, just as the sun was push itself behind the clouds over the ocean. One of the great things about Sri Lanka is being so close up to the equator. So anyway when you are visiting Colombo, you must make sure to head to Galle Face Green at around 6:30pm. Still, the wide view of the ocean, the harbour lift up at night and the sky changing glorious colours at sunset make charm. If you get lucky, you’ll enjoy a spectacular sunset and awesome sight as the city turns a strange, deep shade of crimson.

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