Dambakola Patuna Sangamiththa Temple

Dambakola Patuna Sangamiththa Temple

Dambakola Patuna Sangamiththa

Dambakola Patuna Sangamiththa Temple is a historically significant place in Jaffna. It is a well known spiritual place at the tip of the island. Dambakola Patuna is spiritually significant location for Buddhists. It is easy to locate as it is situated along the coast and exactly at “Madagal”.

The story behind the Dambakola Patuna Sangamiththa Temple reflects the important of location. Dambakola Patuna is an ancient port to the Northern part of the Island. Buddhism was spread in 250BC in Sri-Lanka by Mahinda thero. His sister and daughter of King Ashoka, Arhat Sangamitta landed in this port with Bo sapling.

From historical evidence it is clear that the Bo sapling which brought by Arhat Sangamitta was bough of Maha Bodhi under which Buddha gained spiritual Enlightenment. According to Mahavamsa, the ship which brought the Bo sapling arrived the Dambakola Patuna port from port of Tamralipti on the last day of the week. King Devanampiyatissa who reins Sri-Lanka at that time arrived at Damakola Patuna to receive the sapling. Then on the fourteenth day of procession from Dambakola patuna the sacred Bo sapling was placed on Mahameghavanarama, Anuradhapura. To honour this event Dambakola Patuna Sangamiththa Temple was built on the shore.

Due to the civil war, the area around the Dambakola Patuna Sangamiththa Temple was restricted. As a result the antiquity of the temple was lost. But now the devotees can visit and follow their rituals. The present Bo tree was sapling of sacred Bo tree in Anuradhapura. The existing sculptures, paintings and stupas are newly built.

There are some social welfare rest inns, especially by Sri Lanka Navy Buddhist association to provide enough comfort during travelling.

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