Ruwanwelisaya is the one of the world highest stupa. It is situated in holy capital of Anuradhapura. It was built by king Dutugamunu in 140 B.C. He became lord of all Sri Lankan people later than a war in which Chola king Elara was defeated. It perimeter of 290 m is standing with at 103 m. it is considered a miracle due to the grand design it bears and the great purity which has made blessed to the Buddhist all over the world.

Ruwanwelisaya is one of the 8 places of worship in the Anuradhapura. The Buddha's ruins have been deposited in this sacred stupa. Ruwanwalisaya is called such as Swarnamali Chaitya, Mahathupa and Suvarnamali Mahaceti.

A construction made for to be worshiped with sacred relics deposited in Sri Lanka. There are a few marvels in Sri Lanka that simply takes your breath away. King did not live to make out the stupa completion when it was lastly fulfilled.

The compound of the stupa is bounded by four walls with elephant statues made into them. It is believed that relics of the Lord Buddha are enshrined within the stupa. The huge Stupa was also designed with the knowledge of the Lord Buddha in mind. Although a busy place of worship, during day and night, on any day of the whole year, there is a heartening sense of peace and calm in the busy atmosphere. During daytime, the visitor can wonder at the superb pure white structure that stands proudly amidst many ruins in the ancient city. At night moment, with lights illuminating the huge structure.

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