Kumana National Park Hambantota / Ampara

Kumana National Park Hambantota / Ampara

Kumana is a bird sanctuary. This sanctuary is located on the eastern border of Yala national park. Kumana National Park covers an area of about 18,149 hectares of lands. Kumana was before known as Yala East National Park, but changed to its current name in 5 September 2006. The park was reopened in March 2003 after it was closed since 1985 due to civil war in Sri Lanka.

Various 20 lagoons and tanks maintain the extensive birdlife of the national park. The lagoons are shallow with depths less than 2 metres. Here from time to time indigenous and migrant birds often visit. This sanctuary is considered as a paradise for the bird watchers. Both domestic and foreign tourist visit here to enjoy watching birds. In these regions we can hear the noises which seem to be an invitation to the bird watchers. These migrant birds leave our country by the end of March. Of these the ducks are first to go. They fly is arrow head formation. It is a spectacular sight. Sri Lanka report more than 430 bird variety comprising endemic, resident and migrant birds. Of these, the bird watchers are able to observe over 200 species easily. The wide variety of birds found in the numerous wildlife parks of Sri Lanka create the tropical island a prime bird watching destination in the world. Apart from being abound with the birdlife, Kumana is also residence to some of the mammals found in the adjacent Yala National Park such as Elephants, Leopards, Golden Jackal, Wild Boar, European Otter as well as the endangered Fishing Cat.

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