Royal Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens

This is situated in Peradeniya in the shrubs of Kandy in the direction of Colombo. The garden has the reputation of being the location of two royal places and of being the pleasure garden of queens. Flowing down the central hills, the Mahaveli river skirts a section of its boundary giving it the shape of a house shoe in the 64 hectares here, are over 3000 pieces, some of these having been introduced from abroad by the British.

Peradeniya is believed to take its familiar name from Sinhalese names Pera (guava) and Deniya (a plain). The name also reveals, although Guava is not indigenous to Sri Lanka, introduction of the fruit to the island and cultivation had occurred even prior to the era of British Colonialists in Ceylon. The history of the park wouldn't take a backseat to its geography, terrain or vegetation. Conceived initially in 1371 as the Queen's delight garden, it was developed by King Kirti Sri Rajasinhe (1747-1778) where royal guests were entertained. It was changed into Botanical Gardens in 1821, by the British during the deputy governorship of General Sir Edward Barnes, 6 years after fall of the last King of Sri Lanka.

The geographical position of the garden favours the raising of a variety of foliage. There is a spectacular avenue of palm tree, orchid and double coconut tress also the famous javafig tree (an umbrella tree) along with plants which blossom perennially. Peradeniya is a university town. The annual intake of this campus is around 5000 students.

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