Yala National Park for animals kingdom

Yala National Park for animals kingdom

Sri lanka is famous for its birds and animals too. The migrant birds flock here in search of sunshine when it is winter in their home country. There is so much to see in this small and beautiful country that a large number of tourists visit the island every year. Thanks to god for he has given this beautiful paradise for us to live.

Yala national park is situated in the hambantota district bordering the Indian Ocean . The second largest national park in Sri Lanka. It is about 1369sq kilometers in extent. It is about 19 kilometers of sea coast covers unspoiled natural beaches. The climate of yala national park is usually hot and dry. It receives north east monsoon rains from November to January and inter monsoonal rains also in March and April. Menik ganga provides water to yala national park. There are tanks and natural water holes. There are extensive grasslands surrounding the tanks and water holes. The Yala park is primarily shrub jungle with rocky out crops that dot the park, along with several slatand fresh water lagoons. Many kinds of animals are living there. There are elephants, leopards, many species of deer, the sambur the hogdeer and grey moneys. Reptiles also live there. There are crocodiles and beautiful tortoises also. Yala national park is full of wild and hard flowers. There are large number of tourists visited these places before the Tsunami. Yala national park is a beautiful place in Sri Lanka. Yala national park has been center stage to many BBC and discovery channel documentaries.

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2017 October 20

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