Bentota Bay Beach

Bentota Bay Beach

A coastal historical area of land located in the Southern part of Sri – Lanka is known as “Bentota”. There is a historical myth behind the name “Bentota”. The story states that a monster named “Bem” guarded the (Bentota) river banks and people get blessings from the monster for a safe journey in the river. The names “Bem” and “thota”, which means river bank combined and later called as Bentota. Beach is located nearly 83km from the capital city Colombo. 

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Most appropriate beach for foreign tourists to the Island and the beach also act as capital for water sports. Water sports such as snorkelling, diving, wind and body surfing, water-skiing, sailing and deep-sea fishing are most popular in this beach. Bentota beach is safer specially for diving because of the existence of certified professional diving instructors. The surrounding area of the beach is filled with palm and coconut trees and which results a good toddy production. Bentota is also famous for ayurvedic treatment and turtle hatchery. There are many beach resorts around the beach to taste the sea food while enjoy the scenic view and relax in fresh air. Walking along the golden sandy shore and the sunset view stole all hearts. Bentota beach is the best ideal place for beach wedding in Sri Lanka. Around the beach there are many places to visit such as Paradise island estuary at the North end of the beach, Bentota River, Bentota National Holiday Resort Complex, brief garden and historically important Galapatha Raja Maha Vihare.

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