Lipton’s Seat

Lipton’s Seat

Are you wishing to have a perfect getaway at a place with the best view? Lipton’s Seat is the place you should visit in your next tour to fulfill your wish. It is named after the Scottish tea baron sir Thomas Lipton. Located in the Uva province, Lipton’s seat gives you a great view of the surrounding area. Not just one area, yet five provinces, including most famous places of the country such as Udawalawe lake,Wedihiti Kanda mountains,Hambanthota harbor,Chandrika lake and Handapanagala lake. It offers you a panoramic view which will be unbelievably amazing for you.

Reaching the top of Lipton’s Seat is a 7 km travel. You can observe the tea gardens on your way which is a very soothing sight. Watching sun rise at the Lipton’s seat will be a refreshing experience and the sight of mist is a common sight. You will be able to capture the best moments of nature to your camera at this evergreen land.

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2019 June 23

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