Pothgul Viharaya

Pothgul Viharaya

Polonnaruwa is a city famous among both local and foreign visitors as a city of wonders. Among many historical places located in the city, "Pothgul Viharaya" becomes outstanding. This temple has been built by the king Parakramabhahu the Great during 12th century BC. The term “Pothgul “ refers to a place where books are kept(book storage). Thus this venue has been the largest library of ancient Sri lanka.

There is a circular chamber built out of bricks and it is one of the highlights of this place. There are also four small statues constructed at the four corners of this complex. Today only ruins of them can be observed. By looking at the construction of the site it can be seen that this place has been a Buddhist monastic complex at ancient times.

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2019 March 15
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