Asupini Ella

Asupini Ella

This waterfall is located in Kegalle(Aranayake:Uduwella Sabaragamuwa Province). It is 30 meters in height. The elegant view of the waterfall will immediately vanish your tiredness of reaching it. Stories related to the Asupini Ella are quite famous in our folklore.

One of the famous tales relate that thirty queens with horses have jumped off from the top of the waterfall after receiving a flag signal that their king has been defeated by the opposing warriors. Another story tells that even though he won the battle, the king has played a prank and has waved the flag that was the symbol for their defeat. Another story is that the flag waver has waved the wrong flag and as a result the queens have jumped from the waterfall. The word “Asu” refers to horses and “Pini” refers to Penna(jump) in Sinhala. Thus the waterfall has received this name after this incident.

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2019 March 15

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