Pethangoda Bamboo Grove

Pethangoda Bamboo Grove

If you are interested in visiting historical places in the country this bamboo grove will be an ideal destination for you. The bamboo trees that are grown here have a special historical background. According to chronicles King Rajasinghe II has met with a fatal death at this place. After returning from a battle with the Kandyan King (Konnapu Bandara-later known as the king Wimaladharmasooriya), it is said that the king Rajasinghe II has stopped at this place for some relaxation. (Pethangoda then has been the royal garden of the king). The king has been pricked by a thorn of the bamboo tree which led him to a fatal destiny.

Today this site is protected by the archaeological department for its historical value. This location is also enriched with bio diversity. The rustling of the bamboo leaves will always welcome you to this shady garden. The evergreen environment will definitely prove you that you have come to a very soothing place. 

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2019 March 15
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