Berandi Kovil

Berandi Kovil

This is one of the well known religious places constructed during the Seetawaka kingdom. The word “Berandi” is a synonym used to refer the God Shiva. Hence this is a Kovil constructed for the God Shiva. This kovil now remains with several ruins. King Seethawaka Rajasinghe who became a Shiva devotee has started constructing it yet he could not finish it. According to chronicles nearly two thousand people have been working for almost twenty years to finish the construction work yet they have not been able to complete it. Further, it is said that , the Portuguese during their rule has damaged this Kovil complex and have stolen treasures hidden in it.

The highlight of the kovil is its carvings that are completely done with granite. These carvings on the stones bear a highly architectural value which even amazes modern day architectures. 

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2019 March 15
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