Kumari Ella

Kumari Ella

If you are looking for a perfect get away from your busy life, Kumari Ella, previously known as “Lelwala Ella” will be the ideal venue for your relaxation. It is a small yet a breathtaking waterfall located within the Colombo district. (in Puwakpitiya-approximately a two hour ride from Colombo). This waterfall is 4 meters in height and is a proud tributary to the Kelani River. Its elegant view smooth ens your eyes and will instantly vanish away your tiredness.

This waterfall carries a tragic yet historically important story with it. According to historians, King Seetawaka Rajasinghe’s daughter named “Kumari “ has drowned at this waterfall and died. The waterfall has got its name after this incident. This waterfall is visited by many tourists and it is in need of protection for our future generations. 

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2019 March 15

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