Bothale Wela Meda Ambalama

Bothale Wela Meda Ambalama

“Ambalama” is a Sinhala word that refers to a resting place. At ancient times places like ambalama have been built for travelers to take some rest during their journeys. This Ambalama located in Bothale (in Gampaha district) in middle of a paddy field is one such famous Ambalama. Bothale village is considered the ancestral village of D.S. Senanayake, who was the Sri Lanka’s first Prime Minister.

History of the village Bothale also dates back to the ancient Anuradhapura kingdom. The village has got its name from a Bo Sapling that has been planted in the area during the reign of king Gotabhaya. This Ambalama is an unpopulated place and it has been found that it is in need of proper renovation. Even if it is not much noticed, this place remains to be a site with much archaeological value.

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