Alu Lena

Alu Lena

Among the pre-historic sites of Sri Lanka, Alu Lena, which is also known as Alu Galge receives a prominent place. It is located in Kegalle district, near Attanagoda area. Reaching the caves is a wonderful journey which is almost an Eco-tour. The caves got its name from the Sinhala word “Alu” which refers to ashes that are visible on the caves.

This site has an immense archaeological value. Several human specimens, as well as animal bones have been found in the site. Lithic and skeletons that have been found in the site by the archaeologists clearly prove that ancient settlements have been existed in this area. The ruins give an idea on the life styles spent by the prehistoric man. Those who are interested in exploring the history of Sri Lanka and on its ancient settlements, Alu Lena might be the ideal venue for the next visit.

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2019 February 04

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