Kanneliya Rain Forest

Kanneliya Rain Forest

Named as a bio-sphere reserve in year 2004 by UNESCO, Kanneliya Rain forest is one of the remaining rain forests of Sri Lanka. It is a low land rain forest with very dense vegetation, located at the down south Galle. (35km Northwest to Galle). It takes approximately two hours to reach this reserve from Galle. This rain forest is rich with many endemic flora and fauna. Mammals, snakes and lizards become the major highlights among fauna. This rain forest also serves as a catchment for Gin Ganga and Nilwala Ganga.

Anagimale falls and Narangas falls are two famous waterfalls that can be seen in this reserve. This rain forest receives an annual rainfall of 3750 mm. Nearly 75 villages are located around this rain forest becoming the greatest shelter for the villagers to continue their day-to day activities. There are also several guest houses made around the area, proving that this rain forest attracts many visitors for its scenic beauty. 

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