Arankelle Ancient Monastery –Melsiripura

This site is both popular as an archeological and as a bio diversity site in the country. The walk through the serene forest to the monastery is a mind soothing journey. The ancient trees, stones and the chirping of birds remind that this place has been the best place for the monks to meditate. According to chronicles, the last Arhat ,venerated Maliyadeva thero has been here with fellow 12,000 monks at the monastery.

Ruins of an ancient hospital complex, meditation halls, stone pillars and ponds can be observed here. They approximately date back to 1400 years. The monastery complex is surrounded by many indigenous herbal plants that were used by the monks. Nicely structured stone paths show the nature of architecture that existed in the period. The simplistic lives of the Buddhist monks are well reflected by the serene environment of this monastery. 

Last Updated
2019 February 04