“Meemure village” receives much tourist attraction these days for its authentic serenity as a rural village. The village expands approximately for 700 acres and is filled with plenty of indigenous flora and fauna. The village has received its name from the “Mee” trees that are abundantly grown in the village. It is located in the evergreen Knuckles mountain range. The village can be reached via Hunnasgiriya (73km).

This village once was a hidden place. It has interesting links with the Sri Lankan history. Some believe this village was used by King Ravana as a safe house while some believe Kuweni and her two children lived in the village after King Vijaya married an Indian Prince. Another tale says that King Sri Wickarama Rajasinghe has kept his two daughters hidden in the village for their safety during the English invasions.

The villagers spend a very peaceful life being much closer to the nature. Paddy and Chena cultivations are their dominant modes of income. “Uda Walawwa” is nearly a 100 year old house that is an iconic venue in the village. The tourists visit the village primarily to experience the village life and also the natural beauty of the environment. There has only been a foot path to reach the village, yet now it is broadened due to tourism related activities. Camping tours and adventure tours are happening in the area frequently.

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