Koch Memorial Clock Tower

Koch Memorial Clock Tower

One of the memorial clock towers that is located in the Colombo district is the Koch Memorial tower (Kynsey Road,Colombo). It was built in 1881 which obviously reminds that it has a long historical background related to Sri Lankan history. This clock tower was built in memory of Dr. E.L Koch who was a renowned physician and the second principal of the medical college, now known as the faculty of medicine of University of Colombo.

The clock tower is located adjacent to the faculty of medicine and in front of the Colombo General hospital, now known as Colombo National Hospital where Dr Koch served as a surgeon. At the age of 39, two years after he was appointed as the second principal of the Medical College, he died after being infected by a scratch sustained while conducting a post mortem.

In memory of his service as a competent physician and as a humanitarian citizen who helped the needy with compassion, this memorial clock tower has been constructed. It has become one of the sites with historical value which tells a story of medical legacy of the country.

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