Pedro-Estate Tea Boutique and Factory

Pedro-Estate Tea Boutique and Factory

As everyone knows, Nuwara Eliya is famous for tea plantation. Both local and foreign tourists visit these tea plantations for a novel experience. If you visit Pedro-Estate tea boutique, you will be offered tours in plantations and in the tea factory to learn and experience the process from tea plucking to tea packing that are ready for sale.

You can approach the boutique by travelling approximately 3.5 km east to Nuwara-Eliya. The tea factory to where you are headed is constructed in 1885 and its allure would give you the vibes of an ancient setting especially in colonial rule. Anyone who is interested in tea plantation and how tea is manufactured for the market will definitely be benefitted from this visit. After the tour, the guests can taste different tea samples and enjoy a warm cup of tea. Tours come under 2 sessions. The early morning visit continues from 7.00 a.m. -12 p.m. and the evening visit is from 2.00 p.m. -4.00 p.m.

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