Buduruwagala Buddha Statue

Buduruwagala Buddha Statue

The famous Buddhist heritage site Buduruwagala is located 6.4 km South East to Wellawaya. The temple complex in Buduruwagala is famous for housing the largest standing Buddha statue in Sri Lanka and in the world with that’s 16m in height. This complex has six other statues; three statues each besides the Buddha statue. The word “Buduruwagala” in Sinhala means the rock which is engraved with the Lord Buddha’s statue.

The Buddha statue bears a streak of orange proving that it has been painted at ancient times. Even though it is not mentioned in chronicles, the statue is believed to be dated back to 8-9 B.C and it belongs to Mahayana Buddhism. The three statues to the left are said to be Avalokitheshvara Bodhisathva (in the middle) and his consort prince Tara and their son Sudhana beside him. On the right, the centre figure is Maitri Bodhisatva, and the figure to its left is Vajirapani Bodhisatva. According to different texts the names could be varied.

The road heading to the temple complex is surrounded by flora and fauna including water reservoirs.

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