Uthuwankande Saradiyel Village and Theme Park

Uthuwankande Saradiyel Village and Theme Park

When sri lanka was a British colony, several Sinhala patriots sacrificed their lives for the Independence of the country. One such person who is considered a national hero is Uthuwankande Saradiyel. He is well known as “Sri Lankan Robin Hood” to commemorate his rebellious attempts against British rulers. This theme park is constructed in memory of him. 

This theme park is located in Uthuwankanda, in Mawanella.(Kandy-Colombo main road, 1k from Uthuwankanda Juction along Uthuwana road).  Heading to the village is a bit tiresome yet the tiredness will soon vanish at the sight of this ancient looking traditional village theme park. Anyone who wants to witness a traditional village setting, this theme park would be the ideal venue. Uthuwanknda is the village where Saradiyel lived and continued his battles by gathering fellow villagers. This Village and theme park was recently constructed and is still in the process of construction. Yet many local and foreign visitors are already attracted to this place.

This theme park spans for 6 acres. The journey in this historic village would lake 1-2 hours and a tour guide is accompanied with visitors to explain historical details. Saradiyel’s livelihood, special moments of his life during the battle, and places he often visited are all re-created in this compound. There are statues made out of cement to represent villagers .Any visitor will be taken back to the 19 th century village setting if he/she start visiting this place. It well reminds the legends of our proud past. The monument shop is another highlight of this venue which allows the visitors to purchase goods that are related to this theme park for affordable prices.

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