Ranawana Raja Maha Viharaya

Ranawana Raja Maha Viharaya

You might have visited many temples in Sri Lanka in different locations. Ranawana temple becomes unique among them because the concept of its construction is different from other temples. It is surrounded by an attractive natural landscape, showing how Buddhism is closely linked with nature. A trail can be observed in this site which runs to the evergreen forest. It gives you a feeling that you are visiting a temple and a natural landscape at the same time.

Situated approximately 1 km away from Peradeniya-Pilimathalawa main road, this temple attracts not only Buddhists, but many other local and foreign people. This temple is famous for having many statues. Important occasions of Lord Buddha’s life are on display which would definitely soothes the minds of the pilgrims. Well known Jathaka stories are also depicted in some statues. When you visit the temple you can learn how Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka. It has a statue of princess Hemamala and Prince Dantha bringing the secret tooth relic to Sri Lanka.

This temple is an ideal site for students who want to gather information on Sri Lankan history and Buddhism. Historical lessons that are recreated here with statues is a great attempt. In addition, this temple is also renown for having the only similar model of the North gate of Sanchi Stupa in India.

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2018 October 27

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