Ambewela New Zealand Farm

Ambewela New Zealand Farm

Sri Lanka’s most popular dairy farm : Ambewela New Zealand Farm is located en route to Hortain plains, nearly 17 km South East to Nuwara-Eliya town. The moment one enters the farm it gives the vibe of a foreign land. The landscape of the farm well resembles a scenery of New Zealand which has green pastures. The farm spreads for 150 acres and is the largest grassland of the country. Healthy cows on the green pastures, bright blue vast sky and the Wind turbines which are erected on the ground are icons of this New Zealand farm.

This farm has been started with the assistance of New Zealand government in 1960’s. Apart from dairy production (milk, cheese, yoghurt) this place also stands as a tourist destination in the Nuwara-Eliya District. Both local and foreign visitors prefer the uniqueness of this locality. Visitors can observe the processing of the farm in close vicinity and experience the refreshing climate of the area which has annual temperature below 17.5 °C. They can also purchase and taste dairy products. 

Nanuoya Road, Nuwara-Eliya, 22 000, Sri Lanka
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2018 August 25

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