Digavapiya is one of the sixteen Buddhist religious sites that are collectively known as Solosmasthana. Located in the Eastern Province, in Ampara district, Digavapiya claims for a long history. According to chronicles, in His third and last visit to Sri Lanka, Gautama Buddha has visited this place. Construction work of the Stupa has been initiated by the King Saddhathissa. There is an uncertainty and a debate among historians to claim whether the Stupa has been enshrined by the relics of Gautama Buddha or not.

The dome is uncompleted and is not plastered. It has become a Stupa which is seldom visited compared to other Stupas in the country. History bears records that during British invasions in Sri Lanka, the Stupa has been deeply excavated. The bricks of the dome has been removed and transported to other areas of the country for other commercial purposes. The Stupa has been abandoned for a time until Kohukumbure Rewatha thera found this hidden Stupa and claimed it a Buddhist stupa with greater importance as a archaeological site.

Reaching Digavapiya has been restricted few years ago because Ampara, where the Stupa is located was a war ridden zone. As estimated by renovation work, it is marked that the Stupa is 110 feet high (recently another 30 feet has been restored ) and the circumference is 1000 feet.

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