Sea Turtle Hatchery Centre

Sea Turtle Hatchery Centre

This hatchery is located at Mahamodara, Galle. This is a self funded hatchery with a small staff for rescuing injured turtles and rehabilitating them. There are varieties of turtles that are being taken care by the staff. The injured turtles are brought to this place and are treated with care until they become physically fitted to live in their own natural habitat.

It is found out that the majority of the sea turtles get injured by consuming plastic and polythene items that are thrown at the sea. Therefore they have become an endangered species which need human attention for survival. Another possible cause for the injuries is that turtles get attacked by sharks. This centre has become one of the tourist attraction sites in Galle while being a safety shelter for turtles, which is one of the marine species which are on the brink of extinction. Hence any turtle that needs treatments are sheltered by this place. Visitors can see how turtles are being rescued and rehabilitated while gaining more knowledge on marine life and possible threats that they face. 

Galle » Mahamodara
Colombo-Galle main road, Galle 80 000.
Last Updated
2018 August 16

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