Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum

Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum

Martin Wickramasinghe, also known as the Sri Lankan Shakespeare is a well known novelist in Sri Lankan literature. This Folk museum which is situated in Koggala, 15-20 km towards Matara, is considered his birth place. It is said that his literary work brings out the true essence of Sri Lankan culture along with interesting plot lines. There is no doubt that all those charms we find in his books can also be found by visiting this museum.

This museum mainly includes the house of the author along with his and his wife’s burial grounds. There are exhibits that represent then socio cultural situation especially from items that are remained from Portuguese, Dutch and British invasions in Sri Lanka. (This land expands to seven acres).Those historical monuments well prove the livelihood and customs of the period when Martin Wickramasinghe penned his literary works. Hence this museum is a cultural heritage, it is highly recommended place for school children to visit in order to have a better idea on the writer’s background. Family trips to this place thus have become a common sight. There are photographs which represent the important moments of the author’s life. There is a bookshop at the site where visitors can purchase the author’s well known literary works. 

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2018 August 16

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