Buduruwagala Vihara Monaragala

Buduruwagala Vihara Monaragala

Monaragala which is the second largest district of Sri Lanka surrounded by greeny forest and exist as home for many archaeological and historical evidences. Buduruwagala is the main religious heritage site of Monaragala District. Buduruwagala is nearly 5km Southeast of Wellavaya, a scenic town in the Monaragala District, Uva Province of Sri Lanka.

The Buduruwagala temple got its name from the sculptures exist at Buduruwagala – Budu/Budha-ruwa/Images-gala/rock. There seven main sculptures were carved out on a rock which is an kneeling elephant shaped. The present Buduruwagala temple premises consist of meditation center and relaxing benches to serve the pilgrims and tourists. Budruwagala temple is one of the historical temples of Sri Lanka which represents the Mahayana Buddhism tradition and also it should be noted that the sculptures are date back to 10th century.

Here, a fifty five feet high Buddha statue was carved as center in respect to the two groups of sculptures. Each group to the left and right of the Buddha statue consist of three sculptures. Legends say that this is the tallest standing Buddha of Sri Lanka and some says this is the tallest carved Buddha of the present world – after the destruction of tallest statue in 21st century. The standing Buddha pose with the Abhaya mudra - right hand arm bend to the shoulder height and palm facing outward- which means free from fear and being kind. Some archaeologists say that this Buddha statue represents the Dipankara Buddha whom the Buddhists believed that who he enlightened before Gawthama Buddha. The two group sculptures to the right and left of Buddha are centered by Maitreya Bodhisattva and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva respectively. The avalkotesvara Bodhisattva means the lord who looks downs the earth and Maitreya Bodhisattva means the Buddha who will (in future) born on Earth to teach dharma. Other than that Manjushri Bodhisattva and Vajrapani Bodhisathtva were carved to the right side and Sudhana Prince and Tara or Aryathara were carved. The sculptures of Prince Sudhana and Tara were carved in a thrice bent position. Also some of the sculptures resembles more likely to Hindu gods and their sitting positions. Other than these a hollow in a shape of lamp flame exist above center Buddha sculpture and many believe that some kind of oil leaked from there.

Although at present many parts of the sculptures are damaged, they still exist due to the artistic value of those sculptors and plastering material they used to protect the sculptures. Other than these historical rememberances, Buduruwagala temple is a photographic venue among the hill area which attracts more pilgrims and tourists. 

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