Arankele Forest Monastery

Arankele Forest Monastery

In the ancient Sri Lanka, recluse monks who had been attracted by an isolated place to abode was called Arankele forest monastery. The monastery is positioned in the Kurunegala district and Ganewatta Divisional Secretariat Division.

There is a belief that the word “Arankele” derived from two separate words, “arama” (monastry) and “kele” (forest). The proofs confirmed that the forest monastery belong to 8th century and one of the important hermitages of Sri Lanka. When the Department of Archeology explored the place, they revealed that the monastery was built in Pandangara style with a long meditation pathway. Arankele forest monastery consist of largest hot water bathing pond in Sri Lanka, alms giving halls, rooms for monks, stone caves, benches and stages for meditation and the surrounding is home for medicinal & herbal plants. The herbal breeze and the cool water body around the monastery are the gifts for those who wished to visit.

Those who wished to visit one of the top archeological site of Sri Lanka and those who wished to follow meditation can choose the path to Arankele forest monastery….!

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2017 October 21

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