Pigeon Island National Park - Trincomale

Pigeon Island National Park - Trincomale

The picturesque Pigeon Island of Sri Lanka is located in the eastern coast of the island. It is nearly 1km far from the famous Nilaveli beach of Trincomalee. Tourists can reach the island from Nilaveli beach using boat services. It costs some reasonable amount and can reach soon as possible.

The name pigeon island reflects the meaning clearly as the rock pigeon lives there. Earlier the pigeon island was a sanctuary and in 2003 it was declared as the 17th national park of the island and the 2nd marine national park of Sri Lanka. The pigeon island is famous for the collection of coral reefs and fancy fishes. In nature the pigeon island was separated and exist as 2 islands namely small and large pigeon island but both are rich in corals reefs. The corals can be admirable and every one can enjoy the environment very well from the top of pigeon island corals. Some used to dive and bath but the area around the pigeon island is rich in tiny rocks, corals and white sand.

For some decades the natural diversity of the island was disturbed due to the activities of tourists. But now the department of wild life conservation took necessary actions to preserve them without hindering the tourism. 

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2017 October 21

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