Delft (Neduntheevu) Harbour -Jaffna

Delft (Neduntheevu) Harbour -Jaffna

Delft or Neduntheevu is the largest Island of Sri Lanka. It is located in the Palk straight and belongs to Jaffna District. The name Delft was given by the Dutch colony in a remembrance of their city Delft. But it also called as Neduntheevu by the natives.

The area was rich in coral as it is surrounded by shallow water of Indian Ocean. The island, Delft can be accessed by boat or ferry services. After the road transportation from Jaffna to Kurikadduvan jetty, only the sea transportation is available. The Harbour of Delft Island is small when compare to Kurrikadduvan harbour and can anchor only 2 to 3 ferries/boats. The Pungudutheevu harbour is the one and only access for the villagers to transport themselves and goods from and to the main land Jaffna. The boat services are operated by Sri Lankan naval force. The boats of RDA and private owners conduct their services according to a timetable provided by the Navy. Also the busses use a time schedule which coincides with the boat services for the inner road access.

Delft harbour plays a good role for the tourists and villagers to admire the beautiful small island. 

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