Kalutara Bodhiya Budhist Temple

Kalutara Bodhiya Budhist Temple

Kalutara is a spice trading spot of present and past Sri Lanka. The Kalutara town is in Kalutara District, Western Province and nearly 42km down South to the capital city, Colombo. As the Kalu ganga river reaches the sea in Kalutara, the city gained the name Kalutara.

The dagoba and the Bo tree are attracting every travellers those who cross Kalutara along Galle road. As mentioned in chronicles the Bo tree is a sapling of Sri Maha Bodhiya, Anuradhapura and it is one of the 32 saplings which were planted in several parts of Sri Lanka as directed by Ven. Mahindha Thero long time ago. During some difficult times of Ceylon the sacred relics of Buddha was enshrined here. This is the main reason for the continuous visit of pilgrims and Buddhist devotees to the Boddhiya temple. There is also a trust named Kalutara Bodhi Trust to maintain and preserve the Bo tree including the dagoba.

The temple was also a famous and old land mark of the country as well as a good tourist spot. 

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