Bottom less well Pokkanai – Urelu-Jaffna

Bottom less well Pokkanai – Urelu-Jaffna

Urelu is a small village of Jaffna, Northern Province. The venue is nearly 10km apart from Jaffna town in the North east direction.

The pokkanai water spring is one of the gift and wonder of Urelu village. The speciality of pokkanai is it never dries up in any circumstances. The spring also called as yama by the villagers. There are many interpreting stories related to Pokkanai. According to Scientists the place was affected by thunder long time before and it’s the reason for why the spring never dries up. But the villagers recites that the spring was formed when the hero Rama of Kambaramayana story shot his bow on earth as to find any spring to quit his thirsty. It connects to the sea through underground naturally and passes the excess water to the sea in rainy days. Presently government took renovation works regarding the Pokkanai water spring which is really appreciable. 

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2017 October 21

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