Hindagala Raja Maha Viharaya – Kandy

Hindagala Raja Maha Viharaya – Kandy

The Hindagala Raja Maha Viharaya is located in the vicinity of Peradeniya University. Nearly 10km from Kandy railway station and situated on the Peradeniya – Detota road. The vihara is also easy to access by bus from Galaha junction.

There are 2 entrances available to enter the Viharaya as one is stone steps and the other is along steep path of hill side. The Viharaya was built on a rock using the construction techniques prevailed at that time. The viharaya is famous for its legendary wall paintings. With the evidence of stone inscriptions archaeologists stated that the vihara and paintings dating back to the 5-6th centuries. (Present vihara is the renovation during Kandyan Kingdom). Other names such as Indasala, Vidigala, Hindigala were used to call the Viharaya long before. At an instance the sacred tooth relic also placed here for its protection. But some years ago, unfortunately the cave was faced to a fire accident and some of the paintings were lost.

Many used to visit the viharaya specially the pilgrims to follow their rituals. Other than that many students and tourists also visit here. 

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2017 October 21

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