Thiru Ketheeswaram temple - Mannar

Thiru Ketheeswaram temple - Mannar

The legendary Hindu temple Thiruketheeswaram is in Mannar, Northern Province. More clearly, it’s located in Manthota, an old port town of Mannar District and which is a few km North from Mannar town.

The temple was named as Thiruketheeswaram as that here Kethu Bhagavan worshipped lord Shiva or Eeswaran ( Thiru – Kethu – Iswaram). The temple Thiruketheeswaram is the famous pilgrim among the five easwarams namely, Koneswaram, Naguleswaram, Thenavaram and Munneswaram of the island which were dedicated to lord Shiva. Tamil Hindu natives of the Manthota proudly says that the Ketheesawaram temple is one among the 275 padal petra sthalams –{ ghly; ngw;w ];jyk; } in the continent. Other than Koneswaram temple of Trincomalee, Thiruketheeswaram temple is the only temple which owes the proud in the Island. There is a tank named Palavi which considered as more spiritual one by the Hindu devotees. Presently the temple was renovated well and the colourful Gopuram of the temple catches every eye.

Many Hindu devotees and natives visit the temple to worship and to carry out the traditional pooja for their lord. 

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