Avukana Buddha Statue - Anuradhapura

Avukana Buddha Statue - Anuradhapura

Avukana Buddha statue is located in a village named Avukana. The village Avukana (Aukana) is located near Kekirawa a town in the North Central Province of the Island. The statue is exactly positioned to face the Kala wewa reservoir.

The statue is carved on a huge granite stone but the statue is still attached to the principle rock using a thinner part of the rock and the statue is nearly 42feet in height. This is the statue which is the tallest standing ancient period Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. The pedestal which is carved in a shape of lotus flower, carved separately and placed under the statue. There are many legendary notes regarding the construction of Avukana statue. Some says as it was built by King Dhatusena and some says as it was built for a competition between two. Many believe that the Buddha statue at Sasseruwa which is similar in the appearance of Avukana statue is the next one of the competition.

Many pilgrims visit to the statue from far away as it became a main tourist attraction of the Island. For their convenience busses are available on cheap rates to access the statue location.

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2017 October 21

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