Lover’s Leap – Trincomalee

Lover’s Leap – Trincomalee

Trincomalee, a coastal town in the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka and which is abundantly filled with many natural breathtaking views. The Lover’s leap which is a cleft on a rock also located there. For more clarification it is located few meters apart from the famous Hindu temple, Koneswaram temple.

Lover’s leap can be spotted by the travellers on their right hand side, before enter the temple. The epic story Ramayana mentioned this cleft and many still believe that it is made by king Ravana. According to Ramayana, mother of king Ravana had practice of worshiping God Shiva. When she was poorly ill, he lifted the shrine rock and at that time Lord Shiva made him to drop his sword. This result in forming a cleft on the rock and which made to call as Ravana’s cleft. There is another belief that a girl named Francina van Reed who missed his loved one drop out herself into the sea from this rock. Some says that an inscription on a pillar was mentioned her story as, she was the daughter of a gentle man of a Holland civil service officer and she was engaged to a Dutch officer. The officer broke the relationship and went back to his country using a ship. At that time when the ship started to move she dropped herself from the same rock. But many argue with written evidence that she didn’t jump off and there was no pillar to have any inscription related to her story (They mention that there was a pillar erected as a lamppost for the fishermen).

Now there is security fence to a height and protects the local love failure couples! As the spot is within the temple premises the visitors can’t wear any foot wears. So try to avoid sunny time to visit the place. 

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