Dutch fort Batticaloa

Dutch fort Batticaloa

“The land of the singing fish", the name was given to a coastal town in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. Batticaloa which owns that name is undoubtedly famous for fishing. The Batticaloa Dutch fort is only few km far from the town. The public library the region and a stadium called “Weber” are located close to the fort.

The fort was originally built by Portuguese in 1628 and after ten years from it, the Dutch captured the fort. Nearly 20 years later it also captured by British. As a result the fort was owned by all three colonial kingdoms of the island. The fort had ramparts around four sides for its protection. It also surrounded by water bodies such as Baticaloa lagoon on two sides and a canal on other two sides. A museum, Buddhist stupa and a chatra were located within the premises of fort and they can be date back to the 1st century.

Although the fort presently housed by government for its Katcheri office, it also can be visited by tourists. But during weekdays some areas of the fort are restricted to visit. Visitors have to be very careful when walk along steep stairways. The security officer at the entrance will assist the tourists well. Nowadays plans are implementing to move the government office somewhere else and to make the fort premises as a full tourist venue. Batticaloa gate, museum, library and baticaloa lagoon are some near other venues to spend the time. The tourists can also enjoy the stunning sunset from the fort premises.

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