Beira Lake Colombo

Beira Lake Colombo

A famous colonial landmark of the country and which is located in the busy city, Colombo. As it is in the Colombo city center, many commercial buildings are surrounded it.

During the colonial era by British, Dutch and Portuguese, the lake was used for the transportation purposes and to protect themselves from their enemies. According to some historical sayings the name Beira also derived from a Dutch or Portuguese Engineer. At present the lake get polluted and produce a bad odour in dry season of the country. Nearly hundred years old algae are the main reason for the bad smell along the lake but with the restoration project by urban development authority the threat was reduced.

The lake provides a good environment for the tourists, as the surrounding consist of cable bridge, Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre, Air force headquarters, cinema, Lake House building, parks, hotels & restaurants and many other business buildings.  

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2017 October 21

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