Dutch Galle Fort

Dutch Galle Fort

A declared world heritage site of the Southern coast of Sri Lanka is the Galle Dutch fort. The distance between Galle fort and Colombo city was shortened now by expressway and highways.

Exactly the fort was built by Portuguese in 16th century and it was modified stronger in 17th century by Dutch. As like other forts of Sri Lanka, the Galle fort also built on a rocky area using granite stones. Presently the Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka added more colour to the appearance of fort. The fort includes many monuments such as lighthouse, The Dutch church named Groote Kerk, National Maritime museum, Vihara, mosques, clock tower, Dutch period huts and many more.

The fort is open to the public to visit and admire the architectural effects. The fort brought back the 17th century atmosphere to those who step the fort entrance. The Dutch fort of Galle is an outstanding historical, archaeological and architectural site of Sri Lankan Southern coast. 

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