Lankathilaka Viharaya Kandy

Lankathilaka Viharaya Kandy

In the Kandy District of Central Province, a village named Udunuwara is famous for having a 14th century Buddhist temple. The Lankathilaka Vihara temple is also a few kilometres apart from another famous vihara, Gadaladeniya temple.

During the Gampola era, King Bhuvanekabahu IV built this viharaya. According to chronicles a South Indian architect designed the temple using Sinhala and Indo – Chines architectural pattern. The four storied vihara (presently only 3 stories available) was built on a naturally existed rocky surface called Panhalgala rock. Although it’s a Buddhist temple, the statues of Vishnu, Saman, Vibhishana, Kumara Bandara and Ganapathi witnessed the practise of ‘worshiping number of deities’ during that era. The temple can be reached by 2 ways. One entrance is Sanghawasa which start from the bottom of rock and another through rock steps. The image house reflects the influence of Kandyan era. The rock inscriptions found in the Lankathilaka temple clearly describes the history of the temple in Tamil and Sinhala.

Pilgrims, tourists and many schools from nation visit the temple. The Lankathilaka temple is not just a pilgrimage; it’s also a historical evidence of the country.

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