Seetha Eliya Amman Temple

Seetha Eliya Amman Temple

Nuwara Eliya, one of the good tourist attraction spot of Sri Lanka consist many historically important venues. Seetha Eliya temple is one among them. The temple is located as 5km from the Nuwara Eliya town and nearly 1.5km from Botanic Gardens Hakgala, Peradeniya.

According to Ramahayana this is the place where Sita imprisoned by a demon king named Ravana. Mythical evidences are proved with the existence of abundant ashoka trees (ashoka vana), stream near the forest (Seetha River which fed her when she imprisoned), burned mud near the Seetha River (evidence for Hanuman set fire when Seeta was held captive) and the large foot prints on a rock near the stream (footprints of Hanuman), to state that the temple area is the place where Seeta kept during her prison days. The temple Seetha Eliya of Sri Lanka is unique for being one of very few temples in the world which allocated for Seeta. Morning 8AM to 1PM and Afternoon 2PM to 6:30PM the temple pooja are available.

As a pilgrimage in the hill station of the country, the Seeta Eliya temple welcomes more tourist to the nation. Those who visit can enjoy the nature as well. 

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