Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range

In the central Province of Sri Lanka the Knuckles mountain range stretched out in Matale and Kandy Districts.

The folds and peaks of the mountain range resembles as fist when view from certain parts of the Kandy city. This view result the British surveyors to name the mountain range as Knuckles mountain range. But the name Dumbara Kanduvetiya is common among the natives. Now the range was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO and governed by Department of forest conservation. The mountain range is abundantly filled with flora and fauna when compare to the rest places of the Island. The highest height of the peak in the Knuckles range is nearly 2km. Many water sources generate from the mountain range and a very good climatic condition exists around the mountain range.

Those who love to adore the scenic view of the range, who love hiking and who like to enjoy the natural and traditional surroundings visit the area. The Knuckles mountain range is a good venue to enjoy a vacation pleasant fully.

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